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Welcome to Malaria Youth Champions Uganda (MYCU), where our passion for change meets our commitment to a malaria-free Uganda. Founded with a vision of empowered youth driving transformation, we stand at the forefront of advocating for malaria elimination and Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
At MYCU, we believe in the power of youth engagement, innovation, and collaboration to bring about meaningful change. Explore our website to discover how we are mobilising and empowering the youth across Uganda to actively contribute to national and local efforts to end malaria.


MYCU’s theory of change is rooted in the belief that empowered youth are catalysts for societal transformation. By mobilising and empowering youth across Uganda, we create a ripple effect that influences attitudes, behaviours, and policies related to malaria prevention and health coverage.
Through advocacy, education, and active participation, we envision a shift in community perceptions and practices, ultimately leading to a malaria-free Uganda where quality health services are universally accessible. Our theory of change rests on the principle that when youth are empowered, positive health outcomes become not just a possibility but a tangible reality.

Join your voice with ours for a Malaria free Uganda


At MYCU, our objectives are clear and ambitious

Advocate for Malaria Elimination

Mobilize youth for impactful campaigns, education, and community outreach, advocating policies for a malaria-free Uganda.

Promote Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Empower youth to promote UHC through education and active participation in initiatives for improved healthcare access.

Foster Youth Participation

Encourage meaningful youth involvement in national efforts to end malaria, providing opportunities for leadership and impact.

Encourage Innovation

Cultivate an environment fostering youth-driven innovations for creative and effective malaria prevention and control.

Build Collaborative Networks

Establish and strengthen local/international partnerships, maximising impact and contributing to a coordinated effort against malaria

Explore Our Key Thematic Areas


Acronym for our Strategy: “EMERGE"

MYCU’s strategy revolves around a multi-faceted approach that integrates advocacy, youth engagement, and strategic partnerships. By leveraging digital platforms, community outreach, and educational programs, we amplify our message and foster a culture of health-conscious youth actively involved in the fight against malaria. Our strategy is dynamic, innovative, and responsive to the evolving landscape of public health, ensuring that our initiatives remain impactful and relevant.

E - Engage

Our strategy begins with "Engage," emphasising active involvement of youth in advocacy, community outreach, and health initiatives. By fostering engagement, we ensure that youth are at the forefront of our efforts, driving change in the fight against malaria.

M - Mobilize

"Mobilize" highlights our commitment to rallying support and resources for malaria prevention. Through digital platforms, community events, and partnerships, we mobilize individuals, organisations, and communities to join us in the pursuit of a malaria-free Uganda.

E - Educate

The "Educate" element focuses on knowledge dissemination. We prioritise educational programs to equip youth with information on malaria prevention, health practices, and the importance of Universal Health Coverage. Informed youth become effective advocates and agents of change.

R - Reshape

"Reshape" embodies our goal of reshaping societal attitudes and behaviours towards health. By challenging existing norms, fostering innovation, and advocating for policy changes, we strive to reshape the landscape of public health in Uganda.

G - Grow

"Grow" signifies our commitment to continual expansion and improvement. We aim to grow our reach, impact, and influence by embracing new technologies, building strategic partnerships, and evolving our initiatives to meet the changing needs of our community.

E - Empower

At the core of our strategy is "Empower." We believe in empowering youth to take charge of their health and community well-being. Through skills development, leadership programs, and meaningful involvement, we empower youth to be catalysts for lasting change.