Key Thematic Areas


Innovation I Health Innovation Challenge

Explore groundbreaking health solutions with our Health Innovation Challenge. Empowering youth creativity, this initiative sparks inventive ideas and technologies to revolutionise healthcare. Your support drives pioneering solutions for lasting public health impact.

Knowledge & Education I Monthly Podcasts

Dive into health insights through our monthly podcasts. Bridging knowledge gaps, these audio experiences cover malaria prevention, universal health coverage, and innovative health practices. Your support makes essential health knowledge accessible to all.

Mainstream Media (TV & Radio) SBCC

Join our media-driven movement. TV and radio programs focus on Social Behavioural Change Communication, shaping attitudes for healthier lifestyles. Your support inspires positive health changes through compelling narratives.

Monthly X-Spaces & Webinars

Join interactive sessions fostering health discussions and community engagement. Your support creates spaces where knowledge is shared, ideas flourish, and communities unite for positive change

Advocacy in Universal Health Coverage I Youth for iCCM (Integrated Community Case Management)

Empower future leaders through Youth for iCCM. Focused on Integrated Community Case Management, we equip young advocates for community-based healthcare. Your support ensures quality healthcare reaches the most vulnerable

Post ITN Distribution Campaign

Extend impact beyond distribution. Supporting this campaign means sustained community engagement, education, and monitoring for effective ITN use, leaving a lasting impact on malaria prevention